Wines & Goulash.

Around the second Saturday in September, Csakbereny holds the Wine Day festival, many cellars along our road are open for visitors to sample local wines, and palinkas, as well as music, dancing and various entertainments for kids.  Over the past couple of years, the organisers have included a goulash competition, as part of the day’s activities.


Last year we took part, I was keen to improve the style of outdoor dining, show my dearest villagers a thing or two (no plastic was my motto, forks, tables, chairs, bottles, plates) So between Karcsi, Ibi and myself we hauled down half our house down the road to our reserved spot, with some of the local “Baci’s” opposite us, chuckling and shaking their heads as we loaded off all our important clobber – still our spot looked the business.


Christopher prepared and cooked our English version of goulash (he’s the cook in our marriage), then a sample is taken from all the cooks, who then all assemble in a room above the main wine cellar and taste each other’s without knowing whose is who and vote on which is best, upon tasting Christopher’s they apparently mutterd “urgh too tomatey”!