Have you heard of Nordic running?

I was cooking breakfast one Sunday morning, when Dominic (a dear friend who was staying with us) appeared at our door (as he’d smelt the bacon) in his all-over-lycra-Nordic-running-suit complete with Nordic sticks – well, dymanic though he looked, he did look quite funny and I began to giggle, which was a tad mean as Dominic takes this sport most seriously, still I bet our hillside had never seen something quite like “Nordic Man!” before.  Dominic, who very much enjoyed his bacon sandwhich, went on to say, that the top of our ridge was “perfect” for Nordic running.  So there you go, who would have thought it? Oh and by the way, Dominic and his wife Andrea, very kindly presented us with some Nordic sticks should you get the urge to Nordic run (or walk!).